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Non-Lethal Defence Systems (NLDS) is a partnership between NLDS as South African distributor, Area Re-seller servicing and training agents and retail outlets. As distributor for Pepperball systems in South Africa we take extraordinary steps to help users become familiar with the our products and how to use them to the fullest advantage. We hope that through the training and information we provide that those users who are also owners of firearms will come to a better understanding of the consequences related to the use of lethal force, not only for the suspect but also for the person applying such force and will therefore become less prone to making incorrect decisions when confronted by a rapidly changing hazardous and potentially lethal situation.

By providing citizens with alternatives to lethal weapons, and training them to apply a minimum force ethos the following objectives can be obtained.

Reduce deaths and injuries.

More non-lethal systems in operation means fewer lethal weapons in circulation which will reduce the number of inappropriate and accidental discharges.

Reduce the number of trespassing incidents.

Trespassing is in many cases a precursor crime in the escalation to more serious crimes such as theft from motor vehicles, breaking and entering, robbery, assault, rape and murder. Criminals are aware of the constraints firearms owners operate under and are aware that even if an alarm is activated they can be well clear before law enforcement services arrive on the scene. The further away from the scene of the crime the harder it becomes to prosecute a suspect as evidence is often dumped for later collection. When home owners begin pro-actively engaging and successfully repelling or incapacitating suspects on site criminals will be faced with an immediate offensive response that aside from being physically uncomfortable will exponentially increase their chances of being successfully prosecuted and incarcerated. If a suspect is successfully apprehended and prosecuted for a relatively minor crime it will serve two purposes.

One. Reduce the number of more serious crimes as the escalation process has been interrupted.

Two. Send a clear signal that criminal activity at any level is a lot less rewarding and riskier than it used to be.

Help ease the burden on the legal system.


On site arrests increase the probability of quick successful prosecutions.

By reducing the number of cases filed against citizens and law enforcement personnel by suspects who claim that excessive force was used against them.

The latest development in Non-Lethal Defence Systems line of paintball derived security products is the Pepperball System. This is a less-lethal system designed to fill the gap between existing means of minimum force arrest, which usually places the user at risk, and lethal force such as firearms.

Pepperballs are frangible plastic balls filled with Oleoresin Capsicum pepper powder which when fired from a Pepperball Launcher at a suspect will burst on impact releasing the powder which is a very powerful respiratory and eye blinding irritant. A Pepper ball system user can target a suspect up to 10 meters distant thus ensuring compliance by the suspect without getting close enough to incur potential injury.

The moral and legal issues surrounding the use of real firearms by the average under-trained citizen can have tremendous psychological and financial repercussions for him. Pepperball systems give citizens a pro-active first line of defence that can be deployed whilst waiting on armed response or SAPS personnel to respond.

NLDS sees the Pepperball System as a solution that caters for law abiding citizens rights to defend themselves and their property whilst being reasonably sure that they are not infringing a suspects rights.

Powerful Solutions for the Bottom Line  

Saving lives is the most important advantage of the PepperBall™ System. While that benefit is unmeasurable in human terms, the financial cost of injury and fatalities must be considered, calculated, and controlled. The total cost of ownership for any option involves many factors.

The PepperBall System delivers effective solutions for the wide range of issues facing law enforcement, military, and security professionals.
  • Officer safety is paramount.
  • Weapons effectiveness is crucial.
  • Budgets are squeezed on all sides.
  • Confrontations are escalating.
  • Fatalities are devastating.
  • Legal, political, and public pressures are mounting.
  • Public relations fallout is crushing.
Clearly today, an option has to perform on many and varied fronts. And making the most of your investment is where the PepperBall System excels.
  • Reduced time and expense of hospital emergencies is delivered by gaining compliance with maximum safety for officers and without permanent injury to suspects.
  • Greatly reduced risk of injury saves on legal, public relations, and staff time as well as medical costs. And the liability and psychological cost of fatalities are virtually eliminated.
  • System equipment is very affordable, call our sales department for a quote.
  • Ease-of-use and the low cost of training rounds makes training cost effective.
  PepperBall Technology Impacts the Bottom Line

The PepperBall System is a cost-effective solution for agencies of every size:

Deployment: Fully deploy a non-lethal option for much less than other less-lethal alternatives.

Live Rounds: All PepperBall Projectiles have a shelf life of three years, so you can buy and store live red PAVA (capsaicin II) rounds until you need them and use less expensive, cost effective practice rounds to train and certify officers.

Training: Inert powder and water projectiles are available in bulk quantities to allow you to train larger numbers of officers at a reduced cost.

Maintenance: PepperBall Launchers require little maintenance other than regular oiling and the occasional O-ring change so maintenance costs are negligible.

PepperBall Technology Impacts Agency Liability

Agencies reduce costs in many ways by adding the PepperBall System. It gives officers new options for stopping suspects without permanent injury or having to resort to lethal force. By reducing the chance of an incident resulting in death, your agency will also see a reduction in costs for:

• Legal Expenses
• Administrative Overtime
• Officer Desk Time
• Public Relations
• Medical Services
• Out-of-Court Settlements
Powerful Solutions for the Front Lines  

You have more options in controlling hostile situations with the PepperBall™ System. The multiple benefits start with the projectiles, which deliver kinetic impact with 8 to 10 foot-pounds of force to stop suspects without permanent injury. The psychological shock of impact causes many suspects to instantly comply. The PAVA (capsaicin II) powder envelopes a suspect in a cloud of pepper, closing eyes and air passages for immediate incapacitation that lasts only minutes.

Ease of handling and use gives PepperBall System users new and welcome agility and adaptability in the field. You can gain compliance in many ways with minimal risk to officers. Suspects remain incapacitated to facilitate officer intervention and capture.

You gain situation control from point-blank range up to 100 feet for area saturation to deny access to areas. Accurate targeting is accomplished up to 30 feet, well beyond the 21-foot danger range. Multiple-shot capacity of up to 180 rounds gives continuing control over individual suspects and crowds. Or one officer can control multiple suspects.

Precise hits are not required as nearby impact of projectiles produces an effective cloud of irritant. Projectiles can be broken against walls to flush out suspects around corners, particularly effective in cell extractions. Launchers have no recoil, which makes them easier to learn, train, and use.

Adapt to the Situation

PepperBall Projectiles are designed for use in both carbines and pistols. They are frangible spheres that are built to burst on impact. The red projectiles are the foundation of the PepperBall System and are filled with enough PAVA (capsaicin II) powder to affect a suspect’s eyes, nose, and lungs.

Other projectiles for training, marking suspects, and shattering glass and other uses offers a full-range of field-effective, and cost-effective, ammunition choices. PepperBall Projectiles should never be targeted at a person’s face, eyes, or throat.